About Us

Tesla Model Y Wheel Covers New Zealand

Welcome to New Zealand's Newest Tesla Accessory Store.

We created TESX so New Zealand Tesla owners could access Premium Quality accessories

✓ with a better customer and shopping experience
✓ with the convenience of local shipping
✓ with the piece of mind that customers can return or exchange products

Why You'll Love Shopping with Us

A Better Customer Experience

Our focus is to provide an exceptional shopping experience for you.  From offering a diverse selection of premium quality accessories to delivering exceptional customer service, we strive to make the process of shopping with us effortless and enjoyable.


We Value Your Feedback

Your feedback matters to us and we are committed to continuous improvement.  We are constantly striving to be better and do better, which is why we conduct surveys on our website so we can identify areas where we can make improvements and continue delivering the best possible experience for you.


Focused On Quality

We are focused on bringing you quality products that deliver. While we may occasionally offer novelty items, our priority is always on providing products that improve and add value to your experience.   


 Get to know me, Sweta.

Hello! I'm Sweta, a proud Tesla owner and the founder of TESX New Zealand. Our store is dedicated to Kiwi Tesla owners who have struggled to find premium quality accessories for their cars. We focus on your needs and aim to provide the best possible customer experience.

The idea for TESX began when my husband bought his first Tesla Model 3 in 2021. After his purchase, he ordered various accessories from overseas, only to find that many were of poor quality and difficult to return or exchange.

Seeing this problem firsthand, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I researched the market and was surprised by the limited options available in New Zealand. With the surge in Tesla ownership following the government's Clean Car rebate in July 2021, I realised my husband wasn't alone in facing these challenges.

This led to the creation of TESX New Zealand. My goal is to offer superior products and a better shopping experience that Tesla owners in New Zealand can trust and love.

Welcome to our store! I look forward to serving you and the entire New Zealand Tesla community.